Today marks one year that our beloved Daughter- in- Love, Courtney, entered into the presence of the One she loved most, her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Though 32 years here on earth seems far too short it is the ONE LIFE Courtney lived that made an incredible difference for eternity. Courtney’s faith in Jesus was so evident as she regularly read His word, worshipped at His feet, and boldly shared His truth with others. Courtney’s love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control bore the fruit of God’s spirit so others could taste and see that God is good! And I know the seeds of all the fruit she bore during her ONE LIFE will continue to bear much fruit for the kingdom of God!

I am so thankful for the incredible husband Austin was to Courtney. He was the man she needed him to be! His love and enjoyment of her was so evident, and was such a picture of Christ and the church. Austin’s love for God overflowed in ┬áhis love for Courtney and together they were a beautiful couple that shone the love of Jesus every where they went. I am thankful too for the beautiful son Courtney bore for Austin! Rhythm is such an incredible gift from the Lord and brings such joy and delight to Austin, and all who care for him! As Austin loved Courtney well, he is doing an incredible job caring for his son, he is the father Rhythm needs.

As Courtney is now in her eternal home, our son, Austin and their beautiful son, Rhythm, are here to continue on in the ONE LIFE God has ordained for each of them. While there is mourning and sorrow in their loss, I know God is a good God, and from the ashes He brings beauty. As I weep with them I have hope and I choose to rejoice because I know there is much fruit that will come from the ONE LIFE God has given each of them that will fill the kingdom of God with many souls that will live for eternity along with Courtney!

So, my beautiful Courtney, thank you for your ONE LIFE well lived! It has been an inspiration to me and I love you for eternity!