I Look to the Mountains…

Where do you look to for help? Where do you look to find answers? In what do you put your trust?

David wrote in Psalm 121

I will lift up my eyes to the mountains; From where shall my help come? My help comes from the LordWho made heaven and earth.


Perhaps when David wrote these words he was remembering when he was a shepherd boy watching his father’s sheep. He would have led them through the mountains and it would have been in those mountains where he faced the lion and the bear. It would have been in those mountains that he found himself alone and in need of help so that he could protect his father’s sheep.

Looking to the mountains might have reminded David of the days when he was on the run from King Saul. When Saul was jealous of David and set on killing him, David ran into the mountains and hid in caves.

Mountains are majestic and beautiful! Many artists capture them on canvass, and  photographers capture them in pictures.

Mountains speak and each one who beholds them hear their words in a personal and intimate way.

When David wrote Psalm 121 he declared that it is the Lord who helps him, keeps him, protects him, and guards him.

That day the mountains spoke words that reminded David of the help that God provided when he faced fears and dangers. Those times David was alone in those mountains and there was no one or nothing else that could help him.

It was in those mountains that David found God to be his help!

The God who made the mountains, the lion, the bear, King Saul…

The God who made him…

God proved Himself to David in supernatural ways. God alone gave him the strength and courage to kill a lion and a bear. Only God alone helped him to stay safe and alive from the wrath of King Saul.

This is the God who David looked to for help!

Looking up at mountains your eyes are on their way up to the heavens. When you need help don’t stop at the mountains, for there is nothing on this earth that can help as the Lord who made everything in heaven and on earth.

Everything you look to here on earth will never help in the ways God helps. His help is always available in your time of need and when you put your complete trust in Him, He will enable you to do the impossible, and will protect you from all harm.

May the mountains you look to be reminders that your help comes from God alone, for He is your keeper, He is your protector, and He guards over you night and day!

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