Life at a Slower Pace

I have lived in Stonetown for twenty-six years and have driven past these mountains almost every day. When I first moved here I really appreciated their beauty, but over time I have taken them for granted. I find the busier I am and the more preoccupied my mind is with many cares and concerns I drive right past them without any notice.

Today I decided to experience the three mountains!

While Dixie and I hiked over the mountains along Stonetown I saw things I have never seen before in my rush to get to where I was going.

While hiking the entire trail for the first time I experienced things I never have while driving past.

Sometimes you need to get out of the car and experience life at a slower pace!

While the car is practical, I miss so much that is worth seeing, smelling, and hearing…

On my hike I saw the beauty of wildflowers blooming, a startled turkey fly up into a nearby tree, and a little fawn jump up from his morning nap.

I smelled the musk of animals, and the rich aroma of moist soil.

I heard the singing of birds, the chatter of squirrels, and the trickling of the stream.

And while driving along Stonetown in the comfort of my car I don’t experience all that the mountains require of me…

Hiking these mountains I needed to pay close attention; rugged climbing, cautious descending, swampy areas, all interspersed with some level grassy paths.

I felt the sweat run down my forehead and the sting of mesquites on my arms.

There is a difference between seeing and experiencing!

I realize my spiritual life can be the same.

I can drive through life just looking at God. I can see His beauty. I can appreciate His greatness. I can tell of His splendor.

But, there is so much more to God than just seeing Him!

I need to know and experience Him!

I need to be known by Him!

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter into the kingdom of heaven—only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven. On that day, many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, didn’t we prophesy in your name, and in your name cast out demons and do many powerful deeds?’ Then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you. Go away from me, you lawbreakers!’”Matthew 7:21-23

These verses are a sobering reminder of the importance of not just knowing about God…

You must know Him, experience Him, and be known by Him!

Knowing God from the “car” is convenient. It doesn’t require a lot of time. It doesn’t require much attention. But it will rob you of the experiences that will bring you into an intimate relationship with God.

Jesus is calling you to get out of the comfort of your “car”…

to stop living your life driving past God; some days admiring Him, and some days taking Him for granted, because it will only deceive you.

While you say you know God and you appreciate Him, the truth is that you are so busy and preoccupied you rarely notice Him and never experience all the sights, smells, sounds, heights, lows, joys, and sorrows that cause you to have an intimate relationship with Him.

Life is more than just a verse for the day to keep the devil away!

God wants you to be known by Him!

Choose today to get out of the comfort of your “car” and to stop driving past God, and taking Him for granted.

Choose instead to experience God!

Make time to walk and talk with God!

Spend time reading God’s word and allow Him to show you the paths to take.

When you encounter difficulties and become frustrated and sweaty, remember Jesus knows and understands everything you are facing and trust Him to help you through.

When you feel the sting of conviction thank Holy Spirit for showing you your sin, confess it, and receive forgiveness.

By choosing the slower pace of experiencing God, walking and talking with Him, you will discover the beauty of intimacy with God!

This is where God will surprise you with new sights, smells, and sounds that will bring joy to your day!

This is where you will realize the reason you were created…

to be known and loved by God!



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