Perfect Love Expels All Fear!

You may ask, “How can you know that you were restored that day when the lie was revealed and exchanged with the truth?”

Though I’m not like my car, Zeb, that had obvious repairs done to him, there were some obvious changes I could see in myself that I knew I was changed from the inside out.

One example happened several months later when I was asked to share my testimony on video to promote the ministry of Ancient Paths. You need to remember the lie the enemy planted years ago, “If I speak up for my convictions I won’t fit in” and how it had brought fear of speaking and of making mistakes… Now, I was asked to share on video for everyone to see what I believed about the ministry I had experienced.

I admit there was a battle between the old lie and the new truth.

“I can’t do this! Talk in front of a video camera? I’ve never done that before.”

“What will I say? How will I remember what to say?”

“My voice will shake, I’ll be so nervous, what will people think?”

But then new thoughts started to come to mind…

“I know what happened during the ministry time was real. I know the Lord showed me myself as a little girl and revealed the lie I believed, and I know He replaced it with a truth that I can believe in.”

“If God did that for me, I want others to know so they too will find the freedom I have found.”

“God has set me apart, and He has plans for me, I can trust Him to make me brave!”

So, I said “Yes.”

I began to write out a script. If I was going to do this I wanted to have my lines well memorized so I could speak as freely as possible. With my script well memorized I went to the taping of my testimony. I was amazed how well I shared, feeling very thankful and confident when I was finished.

Until I heard, “That was great, except that it took three minutes and you only have a minute and a half. You need to cut it down.”

Once again thoughts came crashing into my mind…

“What?! That was what I want to share! I can’t cut it down!”

“I don’t have time to rewrite. You can’t expect me to cut it down without a rewrite.”

“I can’t get my thoughts together just here on the spot.”

“What am I going to do?!”

None of these thoughts came out of my mouth. Instead, I found myself saying,

“Okay, I’ll give it a try.”

I opened my mouth and out came words. Words I had said before, but put together differently. I was speaking, but I wasn’t figuring it all out. I don’t know that I ever experienced that before. All I know was that all of a sudden I was finished. When the time was checked it was exactly one and a half minutes!

“God, that was truly amazing! You helped me to do the impossible!”

I was asked if I would like to see it.

See it?! Of course! I needed to see the miraculous thing that just took place! When I saw myself talking on the video I couldn’t believe it. Now, I know that sounds really proud, but you have to believe me when I say it was a huge miracle in so many ways! The quiet little girl that feared speaking up for her convictions, the insecure woman that lived in fear of making a mistake, whose voice literally shook when speaking in front of people, she was on a screen in front of me sharing her personal testimony of how she was set free! I knew then and there that I was changed, forever changed. I was no longer a slave to fear. My voice was restored, and I knew I had stepped into a what God had set me apart for, the destiny He had created me for.

To be a speaker of truth…

To share the ways fear brought harm to my life,

and to prove how the amazing grace and love of God expels all fear, restores, and sets free!

This lie of the enemy isn’t unique to me. Yes, it came to me in a unique way during music class, but the enemy plants lies that steal people’s voices all the time in many various ways. Individually we have been lied to and our voices have been stolen.

I believe much apathy and compromise in the church, among the people of God, is rooted in fear.

Fear is the enemy’s number one strategy to keep God’s people quiet and from living the lives God intended for us. When we are born again we often say this verse to describe who we are now that we belong to Christ.

“This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” 2 Corinthians 5:17

It is a great verse, but I believe it is a verse that we know in our heads, but our hearts don’t fully embrace its truth. The lies of the enemy are often planted when we are very young. We develop habits because of the lies we believe. They become our truth. When we are born again we often continue to believe our “truth” and live from the habits and patterns we have developed.

We can be a child of God, yet living as a slave to fear.

As a child of God we will experience God’s blessing and favor, but as long as we are slaves to fear we remain in bondage to compromise and striving.

“Such love has no fear, because perfect love expels all fear.” 1 John 4:18  

“Lord, show me any lie the enemy planted in my heart that has caused me to fear. Show me what has become my “truth” and the sin I have committed because of believing it.”

“Father, I confess my sin of believing the lie that__________________. Lord, please forgive me for the sin I committed because I believed that lie. Thank You for Your forgiveness through the shed blood of Jesus. Thank You for revealing the lie and the ways believing it has caused me to sin against You.”

“Now Father, I ask You to show me Your truth. What did You have to say to me during that time when the enemy lied to me? What was Your truth of that situation I experienced?”

“Thank You for showing me Your truth. I choose to exchange the lie I believed with Your truth. Please help me to live in Your truth. When I begin to respond in my old ways by striving or in compromise because of fear, remind me of Your truth.”

“Thank You, Father, for Your perfect love for me. As Your child I can walk in love and freedom, no longer a slave to fear!”


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