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Intended for good

I chose the theme of this blog, “Intended for good,” because we all face situations every day that hold within them the opportunity for harm or for good. This theme runs all through the Bible and through all of life. The story of Joseph, recorded in the book of Genesis, tells of the strategies that the enemy meant for harm, the ways Joseph handled them, and of the good God intended for him and for the salvation of many.

Joseph was his father’s favorite son. Jacob’s beloved wife, Rachel, bore Joseph in his old age. Jacob displayed his love for Joseph by giving him a beautiful robe. A father’s favor will bring different responses from those in the family. Joseph seemed to feel entitled as he would often tattle on his brothers when he came home from tending the flocks with them. His brother’s response was that of jealousy and hatred. So much so that they couldn’t even say a kind word to him.

One night Joseph had a dream. The next morning he was quick to tell his brothers all about it. He described his dream in detail, telling them that they were all out in the field tying up bundles of grain when suddenly his bundle stood up and their bundles gathered around and bowed low before his. Of course this didn’t help their relationships, it just added fuel to the fire. Not only did Joseph have his father’s favor, he now had a dream that revealed even greater favor, favor that would raise him up above his brothers. And soon again Joseph had another dream that he promptly described to his brothers and his father as well. This time Joseph said that the sun, moon, and eleven stars bowed low before him. I can only imagine there was some arrogance in Joseph because his father scolded him after he told them about the dream. Jacob didn’t understand his son’s dream, but he did wonder about it. But of course Joseph’s brothers were even more jealous. Jealousy leads to hatred, and hatred leads to murder. And that is exactly what they planned the next time Joseph went out to check on them as they were tending the flocks. Their plan was to kill him and throw him into a pit. They thought that by killing Joseph it would kill his dreams as well.

As a child of God we too are highly favored by our Heavenly Father. Our Father’s love for us is so high, so wide, and so deep, that each one of us is His favorite! He lavished His love on us when He sent His Son, Jesus, to the cross to take off our cloak of sin and shame and wrapped us in His robe of righteousness. This robe of righteousness represents favor, belonging. As a child of God we are royalty, holy, and set apart to reign for the glory of God. There are dreams and visions our Father has for us to dream. There are journeys He has for us to take. And there are destinies that He wants us to fulfill.

As a child of God we also have an enemy who is jealous of us and hates our Heavenly Father. He has strategies to get back at God through those who He loves. He has strategies that are meant to bring us harm. He comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy. He thinks that his strategies against us will kill the dreams God has given to His children, and will keep us away from God and from the destinies God has for us.

It didn’t look good for Joseph as he approached his brothers that day. There was a strategy for his harm, but God…

So, how about you? Are you a child of God? Are you among His favorites who have believed in His Son, Jesus? Has your cloak of sin and shame been removed and replaced with Christ’s robe of righteousness? If so, rejoice in the love of your Heavenly Father and in His favor over you! Trust Him to give you dreams that will set your life on a journey that will include strategies for harm, but will be worked together for good and for the salvation of many! If you are not yet a child of God, I want you to know that there is no greater joy in life than in being a favorite child of the Heavenly Father! There is no greater love than what God lavishes on those who belong to Him! If you want to know this incredible joy, this overwhelming love, and to be wrapped in His robe of righteousness, then I invite you to pray a prayer that will bring you into the family of God and become a favorite child of the Heavenly Father.

Dear Heavenly Father,
I come to You in the name of Jesus. I admit that I have not lived as a child of Yours. I have sinned against You and have not obeyed Your commands. I ask You to forgive me of my sin. You have said that if I confess with my mouth that, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in my heart that God raised Him from the dead, I will be saved.(Romans 10:9) Thank You Jesus for Your death on the cross that took my cloak of sin and shame, and thank You for the power of Your resurrection from the dead that wrapped me in Your robe of righteousness. I am no longer an orphan, but I am Your highly favored child, set apart for dreams, journeys, and a destiny of eternity spent with You!

If you prayed that prayer I would love to rejoice with you as a highly favored “sister” in the family of God.

“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them.” Romans 8:28


20 thoughts on “Welcome to my new Blog!”

  1. Hi Wilma!
    So glad to see you FINALLY got a blog going! I’m really looking forward to reading your weekly posts.

    1. Oh, Courtney, you make me smile!!! Thanks, may God show His amazing grace and His beauty through the things He has done in my life.

    1. Hi Wilma, I it’s fun to write to another Wilma! There aren’t many of us! Thanks for your encouragement. Things are well, but it is interesting that while writing about this theme, I am being challenged with situations where I need to trust there is good on the other side.

  2. Thank You for a clear and concise beginning. Praying this will point God’s way for many. BLESSINGS AS YOU CONTINUE IN THIS MINISTRY

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement. I pray too that God will send it out for His glory and praise and minister life and salvation to many!

  3. Yup, my greatest cheerleader (Mark) and my friends at the writer’s conference have convinced me to go for it! May God guide me and lead me in writing for His glory!

  4. Just getting started. Have some catching up to do. Looking forward to the healthy read, especially at times like this when I can’t sleep!
    Happy New Year. Love you, friend.

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