Live Generously

While spending some time with my grandson, Elliot, the other day  I was reminded of something the Lord said to me several years ago.

“There is more where that came from.”

A friend and I were having dinner at a restaurant one evening and as we were finishing up she said to me the Lord was putting on her heart to bless a woman and her two daughters who were sitting several tables away from us. Being a single mom her attention was drawn to the woman and she had been watching them as they ate dinner together. I remembered I had some extra cash in my wallet and agreed to pray together about what we should do. As we prayed about how we should bless this woman and her girls and how we should share God’s love for them my mind went back to the amount of cash I had in my wallet and considered, “That’s all I have, should I give it all?” It was then that the Holy Spirit whispered in my ear, “There is more where that came from.”

With that I was convinced we should put our money together and bless them with it. Then we needed to come up with the words to say. How do you walk up to someone and give them money? I let my friend put some words together because she had been in a place of need herself and found words to speak encouragement and hope found in trusting Jesus for all our needs. Then we planned the delivery. Why can blessing someone feel so strange sometimes? We came up with a strategy and went for it. My friend shared some encouraging words, we handed her the money, and then went on our way.

I don’t know what the woman and her girls thought of it, but we were overjoyed! I had such joy in my heart it was all I could think about for a long time!

There is nothing like the joy found in giving!

This is what Elliot reminded me of the other day…

It was snack time so I put several veggie straws in a dish for him. He took one and ate it, then he held one up for me to eat. He continued to share his veggies straws and every time the dish was empty, I reached into the enormous bag of veggie straws and put more in it.

This was when the Lord spoke to me again and said, “Elliot can so easily share because he knows there will always be more.”

Elliot wasn’t responsible for the supply of veggie straws. He was only given the choice of what to do with the veggie straws that were in his dish. He enjoyed eating some himself and he found joy in sharing them with me.

God made me laugh as He told me He has an enormous bag of veggie straws available and all I need to do is trust that He will always fill my dish when I choose to share them with others!

When I know the truth that God has everything I need and will always supply my need it removes the fear that I won’t have enough and frees me to live generously!

“And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

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