Wow, that makes me a “Grandma”!

This past Friday, Good Friday, the day we remember all the pain, suffering, and death Jesus willingly endured so that our sins were forgiven, we were healed, and we were made whole. That day we remember when the veil between God and man was torn so that we can talk to God wherever and whenever we want. That day we remember Jesus’ body was placed in the tomb as He died the death for our sin so we too are dead to sin.

Good Friday is the ultimate example of what the enemy  meant for harm, God intended for good!

From the time I was little my memory of Easter Sunday was the greeting Grandma would say when we arrived at her house for Easter dinner; “He is risen!” And my mother would respond with, “He is risen, indeed!”

From death, God brought life!

This is God’s Story!

This is what God has been doing since the beginning of time when He first spoke life into the vast expanse of darkness at creation.

This is the theme throughout the entire Bible!

This past Good Friday brought something else that I will always remember!

At 10:54 am God blessed Cliff and Whitney with a beautifully, perfect little boy! I rejoiced in God’s love, I praised Him for His goodness, and marveled in His perfect timing!

We celebrated the joy of Cliff and Whitney’s little boy!


Wow, that makes me a “Grandma”!

I have to admit, that new name causes me to ponder…

What is the role of a “Grandma”?

I find my definition comes from my experiences…

There are so many memories wrapped up in the name, “Grandma.”

Grandma…wasn’t she the woman that lived on the dairy farm where I loved to watch my Grandpa milk the cows and feed the calves? Wasn’t it her house that I spent a week each summer in, when she fed me eggs and bacon, braided my hair, and sent me out to discover all the joys of her farm?Wasn’t it at her house that my aunts, uncles, and cousins gathered together at the long table for Christmas and Easter dinners? Wasn’t her house the one that had great hiding places for hide-and-seek? Wasn’t she the woman I saw every Sunday sitting in the front row of church?

Wasn’t Grandma the one who prayed for every member of her family every day? Wasn’t it her prayers that I knew helped me through some very tough times in my life? Wasn’t it Grandma, who several days before she passed away recognized it was me by her side when I thanked her for her prayers?

Yes, that was my Grandma,

but there is another Grandma…

Isn’t Grandma the woman who came to help me when I had my babies? The woman who bounced my children on her lap? Isn’t she the one I trusted to care for my children when Mark and I went away? Wasn’t it in her yard that my boys climbed the cherry tree and picked cherries? Wasn’t it at her house where my sister, my brother’s families, and my family gathered together at her long table for birthdays and holiday dinners?

Isn’t Grandma the one who prays for me and for my family everyday?

So many memories of my Grandma, and of my children’s Grandma…

Now, I too have that name.

And as I ponder what that means I realize the importance of God’s Story in the legacy of my family.

My Grandma raised her children to know and love God. She taught them the truth of Good Friday and celebrated the joy of Easter Sunday. Grandma prayed for every member of her family; from the beginning till the end.

My children’s Grandma raised her children to know and love God. She taught them the truth of Good Friday and celebrated the joy of Easter Sunday. Grandma prays for her family; from the beginning and will till the end.

These have been my examples…

I know they haven’t been perfect. I know they made mistakes along the way, who hasn’t? But, that is why a Godly legacy is so important and one I am so thankful for.

Grandmas aren’t perfect, but if they point their grandchildren to the One who is perfect that is what really matters!

So, with the arrival of Elliot Martin on Good Friday I will always remember my role as Grandma.

To tell my grandchildren God’s Story.

And to pray for them, every day!

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